Justice for Matthew petition reaches 100k. ‘Thank you! You have been amazing, now the fight continues’.

To all Havering Daily Readers and many thousands of supporters nationwide.

Melanie Leahy has been campaigning for 7 years to date. Asking for truth, accountability and change after the death of her only son Matthew at just 20 years old. 

In 2012 Matthew was taken to a psychiatric ward for his own safety, within 7 days of arriving on the ward, Matthew was dead. 

Melanie is fighting for a Public Enquiry to uncover the truth about what happened to Matthew and to bring about future change for others within the mental health system.

Melanie began a UK Parliament petition 5 months ago, which we have been supporting and received devastating news that the petition would be closed due to Parliament’s closure. 

She was told her petition would end at midnight on 5th November.

At that time she only had 72k on the petition and needed 100k signatures to be eligible for a Government Debate. 

Melanie tells us the drastic moves she had to take to complete the petition.

I awoke on Sunday with an idea. I designed some banners and leaflets. First thing Monday morning I was in the printers and as soon as ready I took the train to London, where I set up opposite 10 Downing Street.

Some wonderful people who have been supporting me on this journey, turned out and assisted.

Barbara Keeley MP came down, along with Channel 5 , Itv , BBC Look East and BBC Essex Radio.

We then moved to Soho where we set up for two days giving out leaflets, talking to people, working with social media.

On Tuesday we were in a position where we needed a further 15k in ten hours. Social media took off. So many people got behind us. It was just amazing”. 

So what happens now?

Well, I absolutely do not accept the apology being offered by the UK Government. I need to know the truth.My son was in the care of the state. He died in the most appalling circumstances.

Not one government agency protected my son. Not one government agency has given me the truthThey have all conspired to cover up what truly happened to Matthew. This has been one horrendous journey and continues to be. My son’s right to life was stolen from him, in the prime of his life.

This has been a human rights abuse, and my human rights continue to be abusedI should never have to do a petition in the first place and then to be told at month 5 that it was going to be stopped so abruptly. 

“This campaign has been one of the hardest things I have done in my life. Not only fighting during my own grieving process for answers, but hearing just how many other families and loved ones have been failed.

“The love and support that has been afforded to me on this journey has been immense

Over 100k supporting, has been just amazing.

The people of this country have had enough of failings and deaths being covered up. I offered my sons death to be learnt from many many months ago and I still offer his death for learning to the government.

“We have united and the people will not tolerate the ongoing sexual, physical abuse and poor care of their loved ones

“This petition is a petition for truth and change. We have done what the Government has asked. It has been torturous.

“Now we call on the Government to do what we now collectively ask and that is to call a statutory public Enquiry into the death of Matthew Leahy. 

I am informed the decision to hold a debate on this issue will be the responsibility of a new Petitions Committee so now must wait until after the general election to see how that pans out. But know for sure, I’m not giving up on this fight.

I offer my sincere thanks to every single person who signed in support, thank you”.

Full information on Matthew’s story and Melanie’s campaign can be found at Melanie’s Website. https://curementalhealth.co.uk

If you would like more information Melanie is contactable on:

Facebook page:-        Justice for Matthew Leahy.      https://www.facebook.com/groups/470129540220825/?ref=share

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