Jeremy Hunt speaks Truth!!!

Melanie Leahy writes…In light of the news today regarding the campaign for truth and accountability held by families whose loved ones died before their time in a hospital in Gosport, I have the utmost respect for them.Some have been campaigning for nearly 20 yrs. At last there is a light shining their way. God bless them for not giving up. XxxxxxxxxxxxMy son Matthew Leahy 20 yrs died in 2012, whilst under the care of North Essex Partnership Trust @eputnhs Since that awful day more lies than I can remember.This is part of the journey for my truth, so far…..One serious incident investigation by TrustOne independent clinician investigation for Solicitor.One independent expert Investigation for the state.One Essex police investigation for the coroner.Five IPCC complaints investigated.One local resolution Essex Police investigation.Two Essex police reviews.One Kent Police review.One Article 2 Inquest.8 NMC referrals. Ongoing2 GMC referrals. OngoingOne fatal death investigation by Health and Safety Executive.. Began July 2016 -Ongoing.One PHSO investigation began early 2015 -ongoing.One Independent NHS England investigation on going.Corporate Manslaughter Investigation into Matts death began November 2016. By mid 2017 an investigation into a further 24 deaths. Still ongoing.Jeremy Hunts words today, so true for our campaign. I first contacted the health and safety executive in 2013. I had to fight for three years until they started to listen and more patients died when they needn’t have done, had my warnings been heeded.Ben Morris died in 2008. His mum Lisa fought so hard for answers till she was broken and could do no more alone. Together we have moved mountains and we intend to move many more.PATIENTS DESERVE GOOD SAFE CARE.!!!!

Posted by Justice for Matthew Leahy failed by The State. on Wednesday, 20 June 2018

‘Had we listened, patients may still be alive!!!!!!!’

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