Matthew Leahy Campaign- General Election Demands

6 November 2019

Ahead of the general election I  am sharing my campaign and asking for your support in raising the issue with your local candidates.

Matthew Leahy, my only child, died, aged 20, in November 2012. He was found hanged in his room at The Linden Centre, a mental health unit in Essex. 

Since his death, I have been trying to get justice for my son, whom was let down by the Trust.

Matthews death wasn’t investigated properly, his care plan wasn’t written until after his death, his claim of rape wasn’t taken seriously, he was badly treated and his safety was at risk.

The Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman agreed with all my points and ordered a government review into his case. 

I am, of course pleased but won’t rest until there’s a statutory public inquiry into Matthews death under the failed care of the former North Essex Partnership University Trust.

A Government petition which closed early on November 5th gained the required 100k signatures for this case to now be considered for debate.

I am calling on all political parties to commit to:

1.A Full Statutory Public Inquiry to identify what truly happened to cause the death of Matthew, who was failed by a system which ignored the warning signs of poor and unsafe care and put corporate self interest and cost control ahead of patients and their safety.

2.The Government needs to look at why the serious problems at the trust were not identified and acted on sooner, and important lessons must be learnt for the future of patient care.

3.Recommendations need to be made, designed to change this culture and make sure patients come first by creating a common patient centred culture across the NHS.

I’m just a mum. My son died. I need answers.

I am praying that you will support me in raising political awareness of these important issues.

Thankyou Melanie xxx