Marjorie Wallace, Chief Executive of SANE.

says: “SANE have been following and supporting Melanie for a number of years.

“The tragic death of a child is bad enough, but to not know the full truth of the circumstances that led to a loved one’s death, whilst in a place of safety, is unforgivable.”

“Matthew was in the care of the state. “Despite various police investigations, an inquest and other state investigations, questions still remain unanswered. We back the coroners’ call for a public inquiry into this death.”

“Public concern regarding mental health services in Essex and Nationwide is huge. Implementing change and preventing re-occurrence must be at the heart of our systems.”

“Melanie has offered the death of her only child to be a catalyst for learning. Unless witnesses are interviewed, under oath, the true facts in this case will not come to light.”

“SANE supports the call for a full public inquiry into the sad death of Matthew Leahy, aged 20.”

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