Falsification of Care Plan

There were three nurses responsible for falsification of my son’s care plan.

The third was Senior Staff Nurse Karen Holland.

We were never told her name by The Trust. Evidence was withheld from the inquest proceedings.

A whistleblower informed us.

It appears she was forgiven by NMC due to the fact she had given evidence on the other two people responsible.

Karen Holland had been the senior nurse in charge of the ward when Ben Morris died in 2008. Ben Morris did not have a care plan either. There’s absolutely no evidence of any learning having taken place here!

  • Naushad Nojeeb now a Matron at North West London NHS Trust.
  • Karen Holland, now a senior inspector of Mental Health trusts for the Care Quality Commission.
  • Amy Lara Jackman / Constable went into training to work with children.

Essex Police.

It took me four and half years to finally get Essex Police to agree.

Falsification of a mental health document is a home office criminal offence.

Finally the crime was recorded. But then the hammer blow.

Essex Police refuse to prosecute as they say it’s not in the public interest.